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Testimonials from a Mata Origin customer
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Testimonials from a Mata Origin customer

"A friend had already told me about Mata Origin before our child was even born. But since I had no experience with wool (and also had a lot of respect for it) and didn't want to spend so much money, I preferred to sew some Newborn weaning diapers out of PUL.

After our baby was born a little earlier than expected, we first took our time getting used to our new life as a family of three and when we finally wanted to start potty training in the third month of life, the sewn diapers were already too small.

So we struggled for quite a while without suitable clothing. You can do it, it works, but I only realised HOW inconvenient it is when we decided to invest in a set of cowboy pants and a crawler diaper from Mata Origin, despite the high price.
All I can say is: For us, this was the epitome of a game changer.

Firstly, it turned out that wool is not a material that requires a lot of care, but - quite the opposite - is an absolutely easy-care material (fun fact: today our 20-month-old child ONLY wears wool!).

And secondly, this set of pants made it so much easier for us to communicate about excretions and to hold the baby in, I would never have thought that possible. We absolutely love it and have been using two sets in rotation for ages. The cut means that the pants grow with the child for a really long time and if holes do appear over the extremely long period of use, they can be easily mended. When I think about how long we have been using our sets, it is actually not as big an investment as you might initially think. You are not just buying a set of pants and diaper, but also ease in everyday diaper-free life and that in turn is priceless :-)

We can't imagine life without the sets, our child hasn't worn anything else for over a year." - Alisa

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