this is us!

Clara, Magdalena, Julia

We believe in a future...

We believe in a future where children can be themselves!

We believe that motherhood deserves a very high status in society, and that female qualities such as love, devotion, introspection, calmness, receiving, etc., should serve as the basis for decision-makers in our society just as much as male qualities.

This gender balance relieves the burden on men and women and peace becomes possible.

Children grow up completely free, the deep connection to their parents on the inside creates freedom on the outside. They are allowed to be.

The world has understood itself as a whole.

Founder, CEO

Magdalena Binder

Why do you work at Mata Origin?

Because by going diaper-free I have found my strength, my potential as a person and as a mother, I can be the mother I want to be for my children and I believe that going diaper-free can be a path to self-reliance for many other parents too.

What is important to you about motherhood?

Truthfulness. Always treating my children with respect, using love as a beacon and respecting my own and their boundaries is the path I try to take.

What is important to you in clothing?

Clothes have to make my life easier. I don't want to spend every day thinking about what I should dress my child in. It's a burden. I love clothes that make this decision for you because they are well thought out in terms of function and design. I develop clothes like this for Mata Origin.

Co-Founder, CFO & COO

Julia Wimmer

Why do you work at Mata Origin?

When Magdalena asked me if I wanted to be part of Mata Origin, I was completely overwhelmed at first. Overwhelmed by the trust that I was allowed to feel, which I had never felt in this way before, because I didn't really believe in myself for a long time.

But I quickly realized that Mata Origin was exactly the company where I could fully develop myself and use all the knowledge I gained from my business studies.
Sharing highs and lows, developing strategies together, being seen in all my personal potential, that is exactly what Mata Origin means to me.

What is important to you as a mother?

In my role as a mother, it is important to me that my children feel seen and that they are good just the way they are. I want to convey to them values ​​that enrich our family and social relationships.

What is important to you in clothing?

Children's clothing must be functional and must not bother the child. I have been given a lot of clothing for my children that does not meet this criterion and it was only during my motherhood that I realised how important this is for my children. High-quality wool clothing is a game changer for me, which makes me all the happier that I can now have a little say in what clothing is available on the market.

Co-Founder, CMO & CSO

Clara Gernerth

Why do you work at Mata Origin?

Although I have not practiced diaper-free with my two children, I was very impressed by Magdalena's passion for the topic. The dedication and passion with which she runs her company moved something in me. Through a few lucky coincidences, I ended up on the Mata Origin team and am very grateful for the opportunity to make a difference together with Magdalena and Julia and make the world a little bit better.

What is important to you about motherhood?

Every day, I try to be on the same level as my child and find solutions together in everyday life. I respect my children's feelings and help them to deal with them.

Since I became a mother myself, I have become aware of how much we as a society still have to do to achieve equal opportunities for the sexes in all areas of life. As a mother, I am naturally particularly concerned with issues such as (unpaid) care work, mental load, the part-time trap and the situation regarding childcare places.

We cannot change the system in which we live overnight. But we can inform, educate and encourage people to think differently in the bubbles in which we live.

What is important to you in clothing?

First and foremost, it should be comfortable. Of course, the look also plays a key role, because we want to feel comfortable in our clothes.

Since I started working at Mata Origin, I have become even more aware of slow fashion. It is high time to invest in slow fashion, to promote it and to spread it further.