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Diaper-free is a question of awareness

Diaper-free is a question of awareness

Being diaper-free is not a question of the child's talent, the mother's ability or the father's skills. It is also not a question of equipment or clothing. It does not depend on whether you use cloth diapers, Pampers or potty training diapers. Living diaper-free is also not defined by how successfully you potty train, i.e. how much excretion ends up in the potty or the toilet.

Being diaper-free is simply a question of awareness. If I recognize that babies have the need, even the instinct, to excrete freely from birth, and I am willing to meet this need, I have everything I need to be diaper-free.

There is no better or worse. There is also no goal.

It's so much easier! Once you start communicating with your baby about his need to eliminate, everything is done.

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