Mata Origin2


  • Mom of 2 diaper-free children
  • Entrepreneur
  • former single parent
  • now patchwork family
  • Training: medical healing massage, Ayurvedic medicine, group dynamics, family and couple counseling, systemic coaching

My aim is to accompany people on their journey to self-discovery. Going diaper-free is a wonderful way to start this journey.


To book a coaching session, you must be a member of the Mata Origin Family.

My advice goes beyond classic diaper-free and I want you to make the best possible use of your 1:1 and to have already laid the foundation for diaper-free. This is done with our online video course and the exchange and program in the family.

To book a coaching session, write to us via Telegram or WhatsApp to the following number: +436641128271

I will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

All sessions will take place live via Zoom.

Plan 1 hour of child-free time for your session.

Price per session: 75,00 Euro