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The cowboy pants

The training pants are your must-have companion in your diaper-free everyday life; they adapt to every developmental phase and situation.

The special features of the weaning pants are:

  • use the potty without taking off the pants!
  • perfect to wear under the Crawler or Babysize training diaper - this makes training easier than changing diapers!
  • Wearing without a diaper - ideal for the development of independent excretion, even if your child cannot yet pull down his pants by himself, he can still go to the potty.
  • Only wear with a diaper insert in the opening - practical as a minimal backup against puddles, or when babies are still lying down.
  • If it gets wet, just let it dry and put it back on.


Recommendation for crawling children:

For crawling children, we recommend reinforcements on the knees to protect the material. The stress and possible wear and tear of the pants varies from individual to individual and depends on the respective movement pattern and surface.

Scope of delivery:

Delivery includes the ordered number of pants without diapers.



  • made from 100% merino wool (mulesing-free, knitted in Italy)
  • Rubber made from natural rubber and organic cotton (made in Austria)

Merino wool is very finely curled, does not scratch and is wonderfully soft and fluffy.

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial, so it rarely needs to be washed – usually brushing or airing it out is enough.

The natural wool wax (lanolin) makes the pants water and urine repellent. They stay dry and odorless, even if the absorbent pad is wet, so only the absorbent pad needs to be replaced. This is what makes our natural functional clothing.


Merino wool regulates temperature, so your baby neither sweats nor freezes in the pants. In mid-summer we recommend the light onesie, the summer shorty weaning pants or just a Mata Origin weaning diaper.

Washing instructions

  • Wool detergent
  • Hand wash or wool wash up to 30 °C
  • Spin up to max. 800 revolutions
  • Do not tumble dry

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It does not need to be washed if it comes into contact with urine. Let it dry, air it out and only wash it when that is no longer enough.

The urine pants can also be greased, which makes them even more urine-repellent and cares for the wool.



S corresponds to sizes 56-74

M corresponds to sizes 68-86

L corresponds to sizes 80-98

Buy the size that fits you right now. Wool is stretchy and adapts to your baby's stature. The pants fit over 3 sizes. There is an elastic band in the lower part of the belly band and in the cuff of the cutout, which you can adjust in length thanks to an opening. This way you can adjust the pants to your baby.

Don't be alarmed if the pants seem a bit tight at first - they give way and will continue to grow with your child for a long time.