Hemp Booster Diaper Free Pack of 5

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Hemp Booster Diaper Free Pack of 5

Our hemp booster is ideal if you need more suction power, e.g. on the go or at night.

Do you feel like the diaper is no longer tight enough or everything is dripping wet? This is often due to the fact that your pads do not absorb enough. You don't want to buy a thicker diaper pack or new absorbent pads? Then our booster is perfect for you!

The Mata Origin hemp booster is specifically designed for your diaper-free needs. It is narrower and shorter than normal booster inserts for cloth diapers, so you can significantly increase the absorbency of your absorbent insert without making the diaper package noticeably thicker.

It is best to fold the booster into the middle of your absorbent pad or use it as the bottom layer in the diaper. Hemp absorbs a lot, but not quickly, so fast-absorbing cotton must be on the top layer to absorb the first gush.

The advantages of the little hemp-cotton helper at a glance:

  • Strong suction power
  • Due to the increased absorbency, the diaper does not feel so dripping wet when there is a lot of urine at once and the wool diaper does not have to start absorbing itself.
  • Can be combined with any absorbent pad, the only important thing is that there is a fast-absorbing layer on top
  • Slim diaper package remains
  • ideal for the night or on the go

- not suitable as sole absorbent material

Dimensions: approx. 8cm x 22cm - shrink slightly during the first wash