Diaper inserts Birdeye organic cotton 5-pack

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Size: 50x50cm (flowers)
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Diaper inserts Birdeye

The Birdeye diaper inserts are the ideal absorbent material for the Mata Origin training diapers. They are very slim, absorb quickly and a lot, stay in shape when training and changing diapers, adhere well, dry quickly after washing and are pleasantly cuddly and super soft on baby's skin.

In combination with the Mata Origin hemp booster, you get almost twice as much absorbency without noticeably thickening the diaper package!!!!


There are babies who can fit the 60x60cm absorbent pads earlier, while some stay with 50x50cm until they are potty trained. We can only offer our experience as a recommendation here. The individual amount of urine per urination is just as important as the baby's stature and the preference of you parents as to how thick/thin you want the diaper to be.

The more often the diaper inserts are washed, the better they absorb. You can also soak the absorbent inserts in water overnight before use, wash them again in the washing machine and then use them.

We sell insoles from two different manufacturers:

50cm x 50cm are from the Austrian brand Blümchen

60cm x 60cm are from the Czech brand xKKo


100% organic cotton in birdeye weave

Washing instructions
  • Wash at 40-95 degrees with heavy-duty detergent (e.g. from Sonett)
  • No fabric softener
  • Tumble dryer safe

The diaper inserts are currently available in the sizes 50cm x 50cm and 60cm x 60cm

- 50cm x 50cm from birth

- 60cm x 60cm from approx. size 74/80

For those with smaller babies, we recommend half muslin diapers, old terry towels, flannel bed linen or anything that absorbs...a good size is about 40cm x 50cm