Miracle Brush® original

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»Miracle Brush® original«

by William Leistner

Great against wool pilling and soiling of wool clothing and training diapers.

Successful help in the fight against wool pilling!

Soft special bristles (EU patent) remove by brushing in the direction of the arrow

  • fast
  • thoroughly and
  • without effort

Mata Origin TIP: If the diapers or pants are slightly soiled with breast milk or stool, it is best to let them dry and then brush them out. If necessary, wash them afterwards, but brushing is usually enough.

The brushes fit very well in the hand. The beechwood body is painted with environmentally friendly water-based paint and feels extremely pleasant. 150 x 45 mm, ideal for on the go, durable product

Cleaning information:

The »Miracle Brush®« Original should be cleaned regularly with a hair or styling comb or a hairbrush with longer pins.

In stubborn cases, you can remove the matted animal hair using a fork with the tines pointing upwards.

The lint brush can be washed out at long intervals with lukewarm soapy water.
Please shake it out vigorously and place it on the bristle side to dry so that the water can drip off.
However, the paint on the front side may come off. This is normal and not grounds for complaint.

Available again at the end of February!