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Thoughts on diaper-free
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Thoughts on diaper-free

Every parent can practice diaper-free with their baby.

You don't need a superpower, a talent or any other prerequisites to try going diaper-free - just the willingness to do it and try it out. As with all parenting issues, dealing with a newborn in terms of going diaper-free is a challenge that you should take your time with in order to create a relaxed basis. Without any pressure or stress. At some point, everything will become normal.

Even if you feel like you never notice when your baby needs to go and don't seem to recognize any signals at first, be assured - you will notice at some point. It is important that you give yourself and your child time to get to know each other in peace and quiet.

And if you now ask yourself the following questions:

  • When can I start going diaper-free?
  • How do I practice going diaper-free at night?
  • When do I go diaper-free? or
  • How does diaper-free work?

Then take a look at our online course here . In 90 minutes with 4 modules and a total of 12 videos, you will learn everything you need to confidently start the diaper-free adventure.

As bonus material, there is the mini-course "Washing, caring for and greasing woolen clothing" and 5 experience reports from diaper-free parents.

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