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Online video course

unlimited access to the online video course "Diaper-free made easy"


LIVE meeting via Zoom including recording


exclusive Telegram Family Group

Personal support

Opportunity for 1:1 coaching

Because going diaper-free is not a goal, but a decision.

We walk the path together.

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Access to the online video course "Diaper-free made easy"

  • This course is your basis; here you will learn everything you need to know about theory and practice.
  • 4 modules, 12 videos, 90 minutes
  • Bonus: Experience reports from diaper-free parents and wool care
  • You can find further information here:
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Participation in LIVE meetings via Zoom including recording (approx. 3x per month)

  • Circle of friends - networking, learning from each other, feeling together, living in community
  • Q&As with diaper-free experts - ask your questions about your everyday challenges
  • Theme evenings - lectures and discussions about diaper-free and conscious parenting

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Invitation to the Mata Origin Family Telegram group

  • Like-minded parents support you on your diaper-free journey
  • Here you can ask anything and get first-hand answers
  • You will receive the invitation by email as soon as you are a Mata Origin Family member
  • Group moderated by diaper-free consultants

Personal support in a 1:1 setting

  • Going diaper-free is a process with ups and downs, and you will realize that it is precisely in the depths that the greatest treasures lie.
  • Going diaper-free is a chance to develop your personal potential and we are the experts to support you in this process.
  • We help you to find your insights, to grow personally and to reach the next level in diaper-free living.
  • This coaching opportunity is exclusively for Mata Origin Family members
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