Diaper-free consultant according to Mata Origin

Training to become a diaper-free consultant: Discover the art of subtle communication

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of diaper-free baby care with our training to become a diaper-free consultant! This unique training offers aspiring professionals the opportunity to specialize in an innovative and sustainable field.

Course contents:

  1. Understanding Diaper-Free Practices: Learn the basics of diaper-free care, including the different approaches and methods that help parents identify and respond to their babies' needs.
  2. Communicating with parents: Develop skills to advise and support parents, explain the benefits of going diaper-free and how they can be more sensitive to their baby's needs.
  3. Practical applications: Learn how to teach parents practical skills to integrate the diaper-free method into their everyday lives. This includes, above all, the practice specially developed by Mata Origin, which aims to make diaper-free easy and fun.
  4. Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: Recognize the environmental benefits of diaper-free care and how you can support parents in making environmentally friendly choices for their families.

Why choose this training?

  • Innovative expertise: Become part of an emerging movement in natural baby care.
  • Career diversity: After completing your training, you will have a variety of career options open to you, from private consulting to working with healthcare providers.
  • Make a social contribution: Help parents build a deeper connection with their babies while helping to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Target group:

The training is aimed at educators, healthcare providers, parent advisors and anyone who wants to turn their passion for natural infant care into a fulfilling career.

Ready to lead the diaper-free revolution? Start your journey to becoming a Mata Origin diaper-free consultant now and create a sustainable future for the next generation!

Training starts in autumn 2024

Costs 850.00 euros

Registrations/applications now to info@mata-origin.com