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Keeping babies

Diaper-free means...

... to release your baby when he or she needs to go and to hold him or her over a potty/toilet/sink to eliminate.

Babies have an innate instinct to keep themselves clean. This way, your baby will have fewer tummy aches, you will save on waste, and your relationship will become even more intense.


Diaper-free clothing

With our clothing, going diaper-free is easier than changing diapers!

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Your baby is unhappy and cries even though all of his needs are supposedly met?

Your baby is hungry but cannot find peace while breastfeeding and keeps latching on and off?

Does your baby have a stomach ache, flatulence or so-called 3-month colic?

Does your baby toss and turn restlessly at night, especially in the morning hours?

Would you like to try holding out?

These are typical signs that going diaper-free or using a potty could make your life easier! Just try it out with our PDF step-by-step guide for 0€!

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"Diaper-free made easy"

Online video course

Here you will learn how going diaper-free works and how you can implement it in your everyday life in a relaxed manner.

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Let us walk the path together!

You want communication and connection with your baby

You want to trust your intuition and be in your full power as a parent

You want to go your own way and be accompanied by others

You want to save over 1 ton of diaper waste and not expose your baby's skin to chemicals

It is important for you to respect your baby’s competence and respond to his needs

You are interested in supporting a women-led, sustainable company that helps shape the economy in line with its values

Mata Origin Freundeskreis

Supporting each other

Mata Origin Family

Together you are less alone.

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Because going diaper-free is not a goal, but a decision.

We will walk the path together. You just have to want to walk it.


I am Magdalena, a mother of two children and the founder of Mata Origin. For me, going diaper-free is much more than "just" the most natural way. Going diaper-free means dignity! It is the dignified response to the competence and needs of the child and also to the competence and potential of parents. Embracing this path means embarking on a journey to yourself, and that is what I love so much!

Let us walk the path together!