Romper Day and Night Diaper Free Light

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Size: XS 50/56
Color: Marsala
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Romper Day and Night Diaper Free Light

This baby romper is the first piece of clothing that our children have worn since birth. Day and night. Newborns cannot yet maintain their body temperature very well and wool offers the best thermal properties, right after the parents' bare skin. The romper can be opened from the back and the front with a 2-way zip. This means you can relax and hold or change your baby without having to undress him every time.

The special features of the romper are:

  • for babies who are always warm
  • for the warm season
  • ideal during the day and at night 
  • instead of sleeping bag
  • Onion layer over diaper and cowboy pants
  • Stomach and kidneys always stay nice and warm
  • Holding/changing without undressing
  • Ideal from birth
  • The diaper is worn under the romper so that it cannot be soiled during bowel movements
  • In the autonomy phase, the romper can be left open at the bottom for independent elimination

  • made from 100% organic merino wool GOTS from Turkey

This lightweight merino knit has a very smooth and fine feel - ideal for the warmer seasons or babies who tend to always be warm.

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial, so it rarely needs to be washed – usually brushing or airing it out is enough.

The natural wool wax (lanolin) makes the romper water and urine repellent. Even if it gets a little wet while being held, you can simply let it dry and don't have to wash it straight away.

Washing instructions
  • Wool detergent
  • Hand wash or wool wash up to 30 °C
  • Spin up to max. 800 revolutions
  • Do not tumble dry

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It does not need to be washed if it comes into contact with urine. Let it dry, air it out and only wash it when that is no longer enough.

The romper can also be greased, which makes it even more urine-repellent and cares for the wool.


The day and night romper has a loose cut and can be worn as a first or second layer. On warmer days, it is nice and airy and regulates temperature without anything underneath.

If you want a seat that fits, buy the size that currently fits you. If you want your child to grow into it, buy a size larger.