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Proper wool care: How easy it is to wash, clean and grease your Mata Origin wool diapers
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Proper wool care: How easy it is to wash, clean and grease your Mata Origin wool diapers

The wonderful properties of wool

You can use your Mata Origin wool diapers straight away without having to wash or grease them first. This is because they naturally contain lanolin. Lanolin is produced by the animal's sebaceous glands and is a fatty substance that protects the animal's skin from infections because it has antibacterial properties. Wool is therefore a real all-rounder. It repels dirt and does not even absorb bad smells. And if you do need to take action, in most cases it is enough to air the wool diapers. Since wool is also self-cleaning, annoying dirt can be easily removed. To do this, let the dirt dry, then shake and gently tap it out and if necessary you can go over it with a brush.

So you can enjoy your Mata Origin wool diapers for a long time

For targeted cleaning, we recommend our Mata Origin lanolin soap. With it, you can easily remove accidents or stains and grease the wool at the same time. For really extreme and stubborn stains, only gall soap will help. Simple discolorations, on the other hand, can be easily removed with direct sunlight.

Your Mata Origin wool diapers can of course also be washed - whether in the washing machine or by hand is up to you. For the first option, choose a wool wash program with a low spin speed. You should also always wash wool with a suitable wool detergent (we can recommend this one). After each wash and if the wool diaper becomes leaky, you can grease it in a lanolin bath. A rhythm of around four weeks is recommended here, depending on use. You can find detailed instructions on greasing your Mata Origin wool diapers here .

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