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Diaper-free and femininity
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Diaper-free and femininity

In the world we know, male qualities are what count. Further, faster, higher is the motto. When we become mothers, the nature of things demands that we turn to female qualities. A task that is not always easy for us. We have not learned to recognize ourselves for fulfilling femininity - who has ever been praised for their BEING ? More likely for their DOING , right? Doing or making is a male quality, being a female one. When we become mothers, our greatest task is to be there for our child. A newborn needs us around the clock, and there is no room for our usual activities. On average, a newborn breastfeeds for 8 hours a day, which is like a full-time job! Is there awareness of this? Do we give ourselves the recognition that such a full-time job deserves? Being there for someone else can be the most important task in the world, but unfortunately it is usually not enough to nourish our self-esteem. Unfortunately. Because we have learned something different. Namely, that success must be measurable, visible, somehow tangible. Only then do we believe in it and pat ourselves on the back.

This is where going diaper-free comes into play. If you know about your baby's need for free elimination and you open yourself up to this topic, you will soon notice how your intuition begins to whisper to you when the little one needs to go. So you hold your baby and what happens? Something will probably actually end up in the potty! And there it is, the phenomenon that makes diaper-free strong mothers! A female quality, intuition, meets a male method of evaluation. Your intuition is confirmed by a visible result in the potty! Your femininity is strengthened! You will begin to trust your intuition blindly, this inner voice will become louder and this female quality will guide you in other situations in life too. Beautiful!

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