Potty training

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The potty

Which potty is ideal for holding the baby? Our small potty made in Germany is ideal for holding the baby from the toilet. It is the further development of the classic Chinese or Asian potty for diaper-free babies. The compact baby potty can be placed perfectly on the parent's lap to hold the baby comfortably over it.

The special thing about our potty is:

  • wide brim for comfortable holding
  • small and light
  • Handle for safe handling
  • good positioning during breastfeeding and at night
  • Baby's weight can be passed on to the potty
  • simple and unobtrusive design
  • Incl. rubber made of natural rubber so that the potty does not slip between the parents' legs
  • sustainable material

Differences to the classic Asian/Chinese potty

  • oval shape for better "pee hit rate", easier positioning, longer service life and a more comfortable fit
  • practical carrying handle, also for hanging/clamping to bed and bed rail
  • rounded base-shaft angle for more comfort when breastfeeding
  • Production exclusively in Germany, therefore shortened transport routes including a better CO2 balance.

The delivery includes 1 potty and 1 anti-slip rubber.


The sustainable diaper-free potty is made of 100% German organic plastic. The proportion of renewable raw materials in the material is around 92%. Manufactured regionally, fairly, sustainably and in a resource-saving manner.

Further use

After the potty training period, the potty can be used as a utensil container at the bedside, for example.


The potty is particularly popular for holding the baby while breastfeeding, at night and on the go and is suitable for babies up to the age of around 12 months. As our potty is very light and compact, it can be easily taken along in a diaper bag or backpack and is therefore a perfect companion when you are on the go. The wide rim makes the potty comfortable and convenient. The oval shape extends its service life and makes it easier to position. Thanks to the handle, it is easy to handle and can even be hung or stuck to the bed for storage. It has a rounded base-shaft transition for more comfortable holding the baby while breastfeeding.