Online video course: Diaper-free made easy according to Mata Origin

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Online video course Diaper-free made easy

Going diaper-free is pioneering work and our course is an innovation! There is little knowledge and much of what there is is outdated and stems from a self-sacrificing image of a mother. That is over now! This course is your basis for going diaper-free with EASY!

But this course is so much more


This course is EMPOWERMENT.

This course is SELF-CONFIDENCE.

This course is JOY OF LIFE.

  • Find security within yourself and learn to trust your intuition
  • Learn how to put diaper-free into practice
  • Let go of the effort and discover the ease of parenting.

Have you ever heard of going diaper-free?
You know about going diaper-free, but you're not sure if it's right for you?
Would you like a complete program that takes you by the hand and guides you through the world of diaper freedom?

..or keep asking yourself the same questions:

  • Why does my baby often have a sore bottom?
  • Why does my baby always pee when I open the diaper?
  • Why does my baby keep having restless sleep phases?
  • Why is my baby crying even though all of his needs have just been met?

Then you are exactly right with me .

In 90 minutes with 4 modules and a total of 12 videos, you will learn everything you need to confidently start your diaper-free adventure.

- Mini-course "Washing, caring for and greasing woolen clothing"
- 5 testimonials from diaper-free parents included.

After purchase, you have unrestricted access to the online course for 3 years.


Module 1: Get to know Magdalena and find out how I went diaper-free. Learn about the benefits of going diaper-free and understand the principle behind it. Gain initial confidence that you too can go down this path.

  • Introduction to Diaper Free - My Story
  • Opportunities and advantages of diaper-free
  • Honoring the past
  • ____________________________

    Module 2: Discover the practice of going diaper-free and immerse yourself in the world of subtle communication. Learn to recognize when it is time to stop your baby. Find out how you can build a deep connection with your baby by responding to his needs and establishing respectful communication. Find out what equipment you need for a relaxed diaper-free life and get to know the most common manufacturers.

    • Where, how and when can you hold it? Including tips for beginners
    • Equipment Training diapers
    • Holding clothes
    • Holding accessories


    Module 3: Develop strategies to incorporate diaper-free into your daily routine - whether at home, on the go, or at night. Get detailed instructions and lots of valuable tips with the help of videos of a 10-month-old baby.

    • Diaper-free at home
    • Diaper-free on the go
    • Diaper-free at night


    Module 4: Get tips and tricks to overcome possible challenges depending on your child's age and development and develop self-confidence in your individual path. Let go of the pressure to succeed and realize that you already have everything you need within you!

    • Development phases
    • Summary and conclusion