Crawler Training Diaper

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Color: rust
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The Crawler training diaper

The Mata Origin Crawler training diaper is the ideal backup for going diaper-free, because we developed it for quick and easy training. The woolen overpants can be opened and closed again with just one movement. This means that training and going diaper-free are possible in every situation.

To support your child's development of autonomy, you can use the Mata Origin Crawler diaper to change and hold your baby while he or she rolls over onto his or her stomach, crawls, stands, or even walks away. The diaper stays on the child when it is open, so you don't need a changing table and you don't have to interfere with your child's natural behavior.

The special features of the training diaper are:

  • lightning-fast opening and closing
  • open and close without putting the baby down
  • while turning, crawling, standing or walking
  • no diaper strike
  • particularly slim seat
  • Invisible containment clothing in combination with the Mata Origin containment pants cowboy pants
  • can also be worn under *normal* trousers and is very practical
  • Depending on stature and mobility development, suitable from approx. 4 months until the end of the diaper period

  • made from 100% merino wool (mulesing-free, knitted in Italy)
  • Rubber made from natural rubber and organic cotton (made in Austria)
  • Olive wood buttons

By greasing with wool wax (lanolin), the diaper becomes water and urine repellent. It stays dry and odorless, even if the diaper insert is wet, so only the diaper insert needs to be changed. This is what makes our natural functional clothing.

Temperature :

Merino wool regulates temperature and allows air to pass through. On warm days, our wool diapers are much cooler than disposable diapers.

Washing instructions

  • Wool detergent
  • Hand wash or wool wash up to 30 °C
  • Spin up to max. 800 revolutions
  • Do not tumble dry

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial. It does not need to be washed if it comes into contact with urine. Simply brush it, air it out and only wash it when that is no longer enough.

The training diapers should be greased before the first use and then approximately every 4 weeks after washing. You can find detailed instructions here.

The scope of delivery includes the ordered number of diapers without pants.


The Crawler training diaper is suitable from around 4 months until the end of the diaper period (around 2.5 years). It develops its full potential from the crawling age.

TIP: If you prefer to open the diaper at the front, you can also put it on "backwards". The cut is not designed for this, but it is possible and can enrich the transition period between the baby size and crawler diaper.